Corporate Social Responsibilities of Retailers

Increase in competition, experiencing positive or negative results of globalisation all around the world, diminishing in natural resources because of unlimited production and consumption have resulted in raising consciousness about the importance of sustainable development philosophy, emphasizing on employee rights, preventing to play consumer’s health on purpose of saturate them, increasing social awareness about this subject, enhancing pressure of consumer movements on businesses. It is admitted that the stakeholders of businesses not only consumers and shareholders, but also society, government, employees, natural environment, international community, trade associations, other persons and groups influenced by business operations in some way. The purpose of this study is to examine social responsibility philosophy which is advocated to be based on corporate level sensitivity and to reveal what kind of responsibilities retailers should take in all these dimensions.


Corporate Social Responsibility, Stakeholders, Sustainability, Customer Loyalty

Author : A. Sacid AKSOY
Number of pages: 554-570
Full text:
Journal of Academic Value Studies
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