The Role of Siirt University in Regional Development
The Role of Siirt University in Regional Development

Author : Arzdar KİRACI - Emrullah DİLMAÇ
Number of pages : 450-475


In the world along with the transition to the information economy and with all of its effects; companies, regions and countries in development that produce information and use that information effectively in the creation (production) process are in an advantageous position. Because of this fact, universities that produce and disseminate information became the most important actors in regional development. Siirt University is one of the newly established and dynamic universities in its region. In this paper, Siirt University’s role in regional development is examined using information-based and economic-based sources. For this aim, questionnaires are distributed to Siirt province tradesman and students studying at Siirt University. Two different type of Surveys are created; one for 675 Siirt tradesman, the other for 1325 Siirt University students, and answers are recorded using face-to-face interviews. The province tradesmen are asked for how they perceive the university and their view of the province's economy. The students are asked for what they spend their money in the city and about their opinions about Siirt University. Collected survey data is analyzed to determine the economic role of Siirt University in its region and various suggestions are proposed. The answers of the respondents who participated in the survey are calculated on the average of their monthly expenditures and it was found that each student spends a minimum average of 680,5 TL and the total yearly contribution of the university is calculated as 157 million TL. In addition, ?2 independence analysis is used to test six hypotheses.


Siirt University, Siirt Province, Regional Development, Survey


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