Contribution of Geographical Signs to Re-Function: Bolu Yukarı Taşhan
Coğrafi İşaretlerin Yeniden İşlevlendirmeye Katkıları: Bolu Yukarı Taşhan

Author : Hicran Hanım HALAÇ - Enes Emre ALEMDAR
Number of pages : 609-622


Monumental buildings are the buildings that reflect the living society, knowledge, building materials, construction methods and most importantly cultural values. These structures should be preserved today with their original values and essences and should be passed on to future generations in order to enable future generations to reach their knowledge and contribute. In this study, suggestions and evaluations are provided to re-function the function of Bolu Yukari Tashan. One of the methods that can be used to protect monumental structures is to rebuild the structure with re-function. When the function is given again, many criteria such as the physical condition of the building, its location, its compatibility with the function to be given should be evaluated and the most suitable function for the structure should be selected. In case of incompatible function with the structure, the identity of the monumental structure may be lost and the transmission of the values may be insufficient. The Bolu Yukari Tashan structure was evaluated with its physical and cultural values and its re-functioning with geographical signs was examined. The structure of the Upper Tashan in Bolu is a concrete document that sheds light on the past with its architectural qualities and its traces. Yukari Tashan, who was able to preserve its original form in its current form, has assumed a function in which commercial spaces are located. Books, bags, jewelry etc. The building where the products are put on sale creates a similar perception with the small-scale trade centers built today and their characteristics remain in the background. As a method, literature review was done and plan diagrams and photographs were examined. It is concluded that Bolu Yukari Tashan cannot reflect its architectural identity with its current function and needs to be re-functioned properly and a new function proposal is presented to feed the structure.


Bolu Yukarı Taşhan, Geographical Indication, Re-Functioning, Cultural Heritage, Intangible Cultural


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