Determination of Women's Perceptions Related to Climate Change
Kadınların İklim Değişikliği İle İlgili Algılarının Belirlenmesi

Author : Olcay BESNİLİ MEMİŞ
Number of pages : 700-718


Climate change is the cause of a process that forces countries to be economically and socially transformed. It is recognized as an urgent and important problem that needs to be addressed, especially in sustainability discussions. Countries act by targeting all social actors involved in the process of adapting and mitigating climate change. This association; public, private sector, civil society as well as citizens. For this reason, every person in every part of society has a responsibility in the struggle against climate change. The responsibilities of women, who are accepted as the cornerstone of society in many cultures, are a subject to be investigated in the studies. In this context, women are considered environmentally friendly because they do not tend to develop vital strategies that harm natural resources even in the most difficult situation. With this preliminary acceptance, the study adopts the necessity for women to play a greater role in the struggle against climate change. The biggest obstacle in this regard is the perception of women as the realization of climate change. Therefore, the study aims to determine women's perceptions about climate change. In this process, in-depth interviews were conducted with twelve women by using qualitative research methods. The interviews were deciphered and analysed by the MAXQDA 2018 qualitative data analysis program. As a result of the research, it is seen that women who believe in climate change also believe that they should take a more role in the struggle.


Climate change, Women, Perception Level, Qualitative research


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