The Effects of Tax Load On Economic Growth
Vergi Yükünün Ekonomik Büyüme Üzerindeki Etkileri

Author : Bahar İNCEÖREN
Number of pages : 598-608


In this study; taxes collected for the purpose of meeting the public needs of the state and the effects of the state taxation policies on economic growth were examined. The tax is defined as the money received by the public authorities, which have the authority to tax the state or the state, under the law and in accordance with the law, in order to meet the public expenditures, legally and legally, under the conditions of law. The size of the tax burden is an important cost factor for those carrying out economic activities. In this respect, the tax burden is seen as a cost factor that has an impact on economic growth. In this context, while the effects of taxes on economic growth as a means of fiscal policy are examined, it will be useful to consider how and to what extent the items such as labor, capital accumulation and technology, which will take the independent variable characteristic in a model where economic growth is determined as a dependent variable, will be affected from the tax burden. This study aims at the effects of tax burden on economic growth. In the study, firstly the terms of tax and economic growth terms are mentioned and then the relations that may occur between these terms are mentioned under certain criteria (political structures and development levels of countries, applied taxation policies ) relations between these terms are mentioned.


Tax, Economic Growth, Tax Burden


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