Psychological Reflections of Immigration and Nursing / Treatment Size in Cultural Compliance Process
Kültürel Uyum Sürecinde Göç Olgusunun Psikolojik Yansımaları ve Hemşirelik/Tedavi Boyutu

Author : Şenay Betül ÜNAL - Birgül ÖZKAN
Number of pages : 108-116


Research, after the exodus of young people from Syria who emigrated to Turkey in the process of acculturation psychological effects they live, the size of the application of the methods used in nursing and treatment is investigated systematically. The study was carried out between the years 2015-2019 and the Higher Education Board (HEC) thesis scanning center, Google Scholar, PsychINFO-American Psychological Association, PubMED databases were used for the research. In this context, 40 studies according to PICOS criteria were evaluated by content analysis. In this study, it was thought that it would be useful to examine the effect of migration phenomenon on mental health in the process of cultural adaptation, trauma related events such as migration, war and nursing and treatment methods. According to the results of the study, migration phenomenon was determined that individuals with mental disorders (post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, etc.) acculturation stress and experienced negative risks (fear, belongingness, foreign feelings) in terms of living conditions. In this process, as a nurse, health promotion and protection dimension after migration is discussed. It has been determined that the treatment process methods (EMDR, telepsychiatry) which are created against the problems encountered are tried to be developed in a positive way.


Psychiatric Nursing, Culture, Emigration and Immigration, Syria, Psychological Trauma


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