Investigation of The Effect Demographic Properties of Employees of the Ministry of Health On Organizational Commitment
Sağlık Bakanlığı Çalışanlarının Demografik Özelliklerinin Örgütsel Bağlılıklarına Olan Etkisinin İncelenmesi

Author : Ali TOPAL
Number of pages : 488-503


The aim of this study is to determine the level of commitment of the Ministry of Health employees to the organization in terms of demographic characteristics. The population of the study consisted of a total of 476 employees, 5415 of whom were volunteers and 244 were male and 232 were female volunteers. Information and data were collected by a 7-item questionnaire including Organizational Commitment Scale and Demographic Characteristics developed by Meyer, Allen, and Smith. The survey was conducted in the summer months of 2017 among Ministry of Health employees. There are one main hypothesis and seven sub-hypotheses. In the research, normality test, skewness and kurtosis test, hypothesis test t test and ANOVA test of variance analysis were used. As a result of the tests, it was seen that demographic characteristics play an important role on organizational commitment.


Organization, Demographic Characteristics, Organizational Commitment.


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