Syrian Migrants in the Context of Social Acceptance and Integration Process
Toplumsal Kabul ve Uyum Süreci Bağlamında Suriyeli Göçmenler

Author : Bekir GÜNDOĞMUŞ - Ayşe GAYIRNAL
Number of pages : 859-860


Historically, the most extensive migration mobility encountered in Turkey stems from the civil war in Syria living. The mass migration of nearly 4 million Syrians in Turkey has brought with multifaceted interaction for migrants and settled communities. One of Turkey's border city Sirnak is situated between the provinces from affected by this process because of the being passage of migrants route. In this study aim to measure the level of social acceptance and adaptation of Syrian migrants living in Şırnak. In this context, a face-to-face survey was conducted with 150 families in the Cizre district where the immigrants are most concentrated in Şırnak. In the study which mentioned social, economic and cultural problems of Syrian migrants focused on the problems of education, health, economy and social relations during the integration process. According to the results of the study which is the first research on Syrian migrants living in Şırnak in the literature; was determined the majority of immigrants who prefer to reside in Şırnak have not encounter serious problems in the integration process in Şırnak because of come from the same ethnic background as the indigenous community.


Keywords: Syria, Immigrants, Şırnak, Adaptation, Social Acceptance.


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