The Effects Of Green Marketıng Actıvıtıes On Consumer Purchasıng Behavıor
Yeşil Pazarlama Faaliyetlerinin Tüketici Satın Alma Davranışına Etkileri: Erzurum İli Örneği

Author : Kadir DELİGÖZ - Aysel ERCİŞ - Başak GÜL
Number of pages : 942-956


Nowadays, production and consumption have increased rapidly with the effect of developing technology and globalization. This situation led to the rapid depletion of natural resources and to environmental destruction. These negative developments have increased the awareness of the environment and the responsibility for the environment. In this respect, the effort to compensate for the damage caused to the environment has led people to change their lifestyle and consumption habits. The enterprises have started to prefer environmentally friendly products and they have activated the enterprises in this direction. In this context, green marketing practices have emerged. Green marketing is the marketing activity for consumers who want to buy goods or services produced with environmental concerns. In this study, it is aimed to determine effects of consumers environmental sensitivity and responsibility to eco-friendly products and consumers willingness to pay for eco-friendly products and effects of willingness to purchasing behaviors. For data analyzing SPSS pocket programme were used and linear regression applied. conducted analyzing shows that environmental awareness and responsibility has an effect on willingness to pay. At the same time it is reached as a result that willingness to pay has an effect on buying behaviours.


Green Marketing, Environmental Awareness, Environmental Responsibility, Willingness to Pay, Eco-Frie


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