Ali Shukru Bey, One of The Representatives of Turkish-Islamic Thought in The 20th Century, And His Thoughts On Political and Social Life
Türk-İslam Düşüncesinin 20. Yüzyıldaki Temsilcilerinden Ali Şükrü Bey ve Onun Siyasal ve Toplumsal Yaşam Üzerine Düşünceleri

Author : İsmail AKBAL
Number of pages : 1009-1022


When we look at the Turkish political life and the history of Turkish thought, there are many thinkers that affect the period in which he lived and the periods after him. These thinkers play a major role in the formation of the new state, the shaping of the political system and the enlightenment of society. These thinkers, who offer solutions to the problems of the period and pioneered the progress of society in terms of education, culture and civilization, have always existed. Ali Shukru Bey, as an intellectual, journalist, statesman and politician, draw attention with his social and political activities in the last years of the Ottoman Empire and the National Struggle. Ali Shukru Bey, who is known for his conservative, liberal and political Islamist worldview, has attracted attention with his speeches in the parliament, his articles and conferences in the printed press and has continued to influence his ideas until today. This study deals with the political and social thought of Ali Shukru Bey, one of the pioneers of Turkish political life and Turkish-Islamic thought. His thoughts on social life and politics were tried to be analyzed systematically based on his speeches and articles.


Ali Shukru Bey, Sultanate, Caliphate, Conservatism, Political Islam.


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