Early Usage Of Hybrid War Elements: An Unusual Terror Group Feto Case
Hibrit Savaş Unsurlarının Erken Kullanımı: Sıradışı Bir Terör Örgütü FETÖ Vakası

Author : Hüseyin ARSLAN
Number of pages : 933-941


Hybrid wars are one of the new types of war. Actually, the term hybrid war has not been conceptually used directly in the past. However, it is seen that this type of war is used indirectly and it is as old as the phenomenon of war. The studies show that the term hybrid war has begun to be used in the first decade of the 21st century. Hybrid war is defined as a kind of war where many elements of wars are used at the same time. The most distinctive feature of hybrid warfare is the combination of irregular warfare tactics and high technology. Another factor in choosing hybrid warfare is to make the activities as secret as possible. There are two reasons to act in this way; the first one is to prevent the formation of resistance by the people of the region and the second is to eliminate the chance of intervention by other states and the international community. There are a variety of methods ranging from technology to media in hybrid warfare. These methods are implemented by warriors, and these warriors can be soldiers equipped with all kinds of technological competences. However, the problem is that the possibility of those soldiers who serve others with religious motivation, ideological and ethnic concerns. What is important to us in the above statement is the phrase “acting with religious motivation”. Therefore, the aim of this article is to analyze Fethullahist Terrorist Organization (FETÖ), which was founded on religious abuse, how the uses the elements of hybrid warfare that we have determined.


Hybrid war, FETO, takiyya, Machiavellism, pragmatism.


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