Factors Affecting Knowledge Sharing in Organizations: The Case of Munzur University
Organizasyonlarda Bilgi Paylaşımını Etkileyen Unsurlar: Munzur Üniversitesi Örneği

Author : Cem AYDEN - Haydar BALO
Number of pages : 59-76


Knowledge is an indispensable resource for organizations. Unlike other sources, knowledge becomes more important as it is shared and its value increases. In this study, the factors affecting knowledge sharing in institutions are mentioned. The questionnaire applied to the administrative staff of Munzur University has been tried to determine the factors affecting the knowledge sharing of the employees. According to the results of the research; It can be said that employees are related to the future information sharing, the suitability of the organizational structure, the adequacy of the tools and equipment used in sharing, and the expectation of personal benefit from the sharing. On the contrary, the training of employees on information sharing, attitudes of supervisors and the external rewards they will receive after sharing have not been found to be related to future sharing.


Knowledge management, knowledge sharing, information technology


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